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The objective of your coach training is to help you learn how to teach our 2-day workshop on Presentation Skills.  This is a popular program we provide.  As you learn it, the tools and techniques can then be taught in other areas, such as private coaching or smaller workshops.

It’s important that the TSIC coaches have a sense of consistency in how we teach tools and techniques.  Of course, you’ll have your own style, but we will guide you to make sure there is some level of consistency.

Each lesson has a video (or multiple videos) to watch, handouts for you to download and study, pages in your books to read, a quiz, and many lessons have an assignment for you to record yourself practicing that lesson.  You’ll submit your practice video for feedback.  Don’t worry, the idea of submission is so that one of the other coaches can help ensure you are picking up the parts of the training that help us stay consistant. 

It’s common that you will submit a video, receive feedback, and then do the video again.   That’s how we can help you fine tune!   It may even take 3 or 4 times before the video gets the green light to move onto the next lesson.  

This is a great way for you to feel confident that you both understand the content and can teach it in a way that is consistent with the rest of your team!

Required Reading:

The books are an outstanding way for us to remain consistent with language, concepts, and key ideas.  Of course, some books were written decades ago, so some language or examples are dated.  Use your judgment to update references and examples that match your style and todays modern expectations.    If in doubt, just ask a coach.

Mastering Communication at Work:How to Lead, Manage, and Influence
Speaking Skills for Business Careers
No Fear of Speaking

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