How to resolve the Blue Screen of Death BSOD error on a Razer Blade

The BSoD is typically a result of improperly installed software, hardware, or settings, meaning that it is usually fixable. If here no hardware related issue, above methods will surely fix the blue screen error on Windows 10. This can also be done using ‘msconfig’ option or you can even boot in safe mode by using F8 key at the time machine starts.

  • Your Read more Registry backup file ends in theREGfile extension.
  • My PC booted back to the lock screen after fifteen minutes, and the memory installed in the machine had no errors.
  • The only way to deal with it in most cases is to restart your computer.
  • But when i leave it at home and use it few times there is no issue.

This error code is commonly used to identify the error caused by the hardware driver vendors. The warning messages may slow down PC performance and system freezes startup/shutdown which can be quite annoying if not timely fixed. Once the system restore is done successfully, it will uninstall all the recent updates and drivers which might fix the blue screen error. Blue Screen of Death is an error which stops the normal working of a computer and forces it to restart. Sometimes the Windows may recover from the blue screen of death after a reboot. But if this error was so easy to fix, then you probably wouldn’t be here for a solution.

Using System File Checker to Repair System Files

The main reason is that it is a bug check value error code problem. For example, your app is installing; a driver is being loaded, Windows is starting up or shut down simultaneously. There are many causes for the INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP error. Type command prompt in the start menu search bar, then right-click and select Run as administrator to open an elevated command prompt. Type command prompt in the start menu search bar, then right-click in the search inoculation and select Run as administrator. After that, your computer reboot in safe mode and now you can take steps according to your problem which given below.

Therefore, knowing how to fix the video driver problem can come as a handy skill that can save you many times. Windows will start searching for the latest driver for the device. Restart the system and check if the error is solved. If the problem is not fixed, you may roll back the update. During the installation process, you may be prompted to restart your device.

UcmUcsi.sys failed Blue Screen error

If you experience regular crashes, then make sure that Windows and all your device drivers are up to date. If your computer and drivers are all up to date and you are still getting crashes, then you will need to investigate further. The blue screen error message tells you that something has gone horribly wrong with your computer and Windows cannot fix it. Instead, Windows will shut itself down and you will lose any unsaved work.

How to Repair Windows Startup in Debugging Mode

Now i am sure you are successfully login into windows 10 (safe mode/normal). Sometimes after simple restart windows start normally, But for some others, the blue Screen occurs frequently at startup. That cause you need toBoot Windows into safe mode.

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